Montenegro's History

Before the Romans conquered Montenegro in 9AD the area was part of Illyria and home to Illyrian tribes. Rome was replaced by Byzantium and from the 5th Century Slavs began to settle in the region eventually dominating it. In 1042 Duklja Principality, inside modern Montenegro, became independent but in 1186 was incorporated into Serbia. In 1499 the Ottoman Turks arrived but Montenegro enjoyed considerable autonomy and from the 18th Century authority was vested in a Prince-Bishop. In 1878 Montenegro cut all ties to the Ottomans were ended and through many wars its territory was enlarged until reaching its current borders in 1912. In 1910 Prince Nicholas declared himself a King. In WWI Montenegro supported Serbia but was overrun by Austria-Hungary and later incorporated into Yugoslavia in 1918. In WWII the Axis occupiers attempted to restore Montenegro’s independence but Yugoslavia was restored in 1944. In 1992 Montenegro voted to stay within Yugoslavia but another vote in 2006 supported independence.

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Right Now

Montenegro has several ethnic minorities, particular Albanians and Bosniaks and many Montenegrins see themselves as Serbs first. This sizable minority in Montenegro support closer ties to Serbia while the Government are putting their hopes in closer ties with the European Union and forging a Montenegrin identity. The economy enjoyed strong growth till recently, with services and tourism important factors. The breathtakingly beautiful mountainous interior of the country is matched by a stunning and rugged Adriatic coastline that attracts holiday makers for a sophisticated cultural experience. The country desires European Union membership and already uses the Euro as its official currency.

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