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Northern Cyprus's History

The history of Northern Cyprus is inseparable with that of Cyprus as a whole. In 1960 Cyprus gained independence from Britain on the understanding that the majority Greek population would abandon their dream of union with Greece and the minority Turkish community would abandon their calls for partition of the island. The complex constitution Cyprus adopted safeguarding ethnic interests frustrated the aspirations of the majority Greeks who soon sought amendments. In 1963 communal violence broke out between Greeks and Turks resulting in hundreds of deaths and the withdrawal of Turks from the all-Cyprus Government. By 1965 Turks had withdrawn into Turkish enclaves, a situation the Greeks described as ‘self-segregation’. On 15th July 1974 a Greek Cypriot Military coup d'état took place winning Greece’s support triggering an invasion by Turkey five days later. Turkey took the northern third of the island and Greeks fled south while Turks fled north. In 1983 the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was born.

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Northern Cyprus

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Right Now

The division of the island has brought peace but also a degree of isolation. Many mainland Turks were encouraged to migrate to Northern Cyprus and now make up a majority of the population. Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 with the understanding that if Northern Cyprus merges with its southern neighbour it too will be in the EU. Divisions of the island have blurred and now tourists are free to cross the border and explore both parts of this historic island. Northern Cyprus’s tourism sector is now thriving with visitors attracted to its undeveloped beaches and villages at prices much cheaper than its Greek neighbour.

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