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Abkhazia - The Black Sea Riviera
Aland Islands - Land of Islands
Albania - The unspoilt Adriatic
Andorra - The Pyrenee's Skiing Principality
Armenia - The World's oldest Christian nation
Austria - Birthplace of Mozart
Balearic Islands - Europe's favourite islands
Belarus - The heart of Eastern Europe
Belgium - The Battlefield of Europe
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Melting pot of the Balkans
Bulgaria - Jewel of the Balkans
Byzantium Empire
Channel Islands - Britain's holiday Isles
How Coffee reached Europe
Corsica - Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte
Crimea - The Jewel of the Black Sea.
Croatia - Birthplace of Marco Polo
Cyprus - Birthplace of Greek Gods
Czech Republic - Europe's Medieval treasure trove
Europe's Dark Ages - Ignorance, Plague and Superstition
Denmark - Europe's oldest Monarchy
England - Land of Hope and Glory
Estonia - Baltic wonderland
Euro and Eurozone - Europe's single currency
European Union - Europe's Common Market
Fall of Rome 476 AD
Faroe Islands - St Brendan's islands
Finland - Home of Nokia and Rally Car Racing
France - Birthplace of Champagne
Georgia - Land of the Golden Fleece
Germany - Europe's most powerful country
Gibraltar - Home of The Rock
Greece - The Birthplace of Western Civilisation
Greek Islands - Europe's favourite resort islands.
The Habsburg Empire - Europe's most powerful family
Holy Roman Empire - Europe's strangest empire
Hungary - Land of the Magyars
Ibiza - Europe's gay-friendly holiday resort island
Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice
Ireland - Home of St Patrick
How Islam reached Europe
Isle of Man - Isle of History
Italy - Land of Good Taste
Kaliningrad - A Land of Amber
Kosovo - Europe's newest country
Latvia - Pearl of the Baltic
Liechtenstein - Europe's Alpine Fairytale Principality
Lithuania - The Land of Many Lakes
Luxembourg - Home of Skype
Macedonia - Alexander the Great's Homeland
Malta - Islands of the George Cross
The Middle Ages in Europe
Moldova - Unspoilt Europe
Monaco - The World's wealthiest country
Montenegro - The Adriatic's Hidden Jem
Morocco - Europe's friendly Arab neighbour
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - NATO
Netherlands - Red Light Capital of Europe
Northern Cyprus - Europe's cheapest holiday Resort Island
Northern Ireland - The land of Giants
Norway - Land of Fjords
Ottoman Empire - Islam's greatest empire
Poland - Where East meets West
Portugal - The edge of Europe
Revolutionary France 1789-1815
Roman Empire - History's oldest empire
Romania - Land of Dracula and Vampires
Russia - The World's largest country
San Marino - World's oldest Republic
Sardinia - Italy's sunshine island
Scotland - Land of the Brave
Serbia - Crossroads of the Balkans
Sicily - The heart of the Mediterranean
Slovakia - Alpine playground of Central Europe
Slovenia - Alpine wonderland
South Ossetia - A country in the making
Spain - Home of the Bullfighter
Svalbard - Europe's Arctic Outpost
Sweden - Home of Abba and Ikea
Switzerland - The World's Favourite Bank
Transnistria - Europe's last Soviet Bastion
Turkey - Where Europe meets Asia
Ukraine - Europe's bread basket
Vatican City - The World's Smallest Country
The Viking Age
Wales - The land of Dragons
About Destination Europa and The Improviders
World War One - The Great War
World War Two in Europe - Hitler's War
Destination Europa Travel Booking Service